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Velform Sauna Belt

1,300.00 650.00

  • Perfect for body shaping
  • Ideal for abdomen waist arms thighs and cellulite
  • Produces sweat to help increase body fat reduction and to help in sculpting your body
  • Decreases body fat and trims your shape
  • Input 120V ac or 230V ac

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    Velform Sauna Belt

    Now there’s something totally new on the market and it’s a system that really works and that you’ll love using too! It combines 2 classic treatments of massage and sauna to create the Sauna Massage.Studies show that sweating in a sauna for half an hour burns 600 calories. But a sauna heats your entire body, even the areas where you don’t need it, making you suffer unnecessary discomfort.With the Sauna Massage, you decide where to apply the sauna and the high-speed massage to shape your body. It’s so fast and effective that you can see results in less than 30 minutes! You can tone your abdomen, reduce that spare tyre, firm up your buttocks and thighs and get rid of unwanted cellulite.


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