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Touch Beauty Electric Nose Hair Trimmer AS-0656

1,200.00 600.00

  • Discounts available on App
  • Arched cutter head
  • Harmless
  • Fine steel blades
  • trims the hair quickly and clearly
  • Battery: 1 A A Battery
  • Highly Effective

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    Electric Nose Hair Trimmer

    Nose hair is a necessary, protective feature of the human body. It protects against dust and other foreign particles that may enter and contaminate the body. Unsightly, coarse, dark or long nose hairs are not attractive on anyone, but can be especially damaging to a anyone’s image and self confidence. These slick and inexpensive nose hair trimmers allow you to remove the unwanted hair in a safe, discreet and painless manner. It is available at a reasonable price. Shop now online at


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