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The Doctor’s Ear Wax Cleaner

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  • Insert 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Select one of the replaceable silicone tips:
  • Blue safety tips: ( ages 0 to 6 month )
  • Green safety tips: ( ages 6 month to 6 years)
  • Orange safety tips: ( ages 6 years and up)
  • Test the device by pressing the power button to check for a slow spin and powerful light.
  • If you are cleaning ypue owns ears, use a mirror. Smooth hair away from the ears and secure in place with pins or other hair device.
  • With the ages appropriate tip attachment in place, press the start button and insert the tip slowly into the ear. The spinning motion will pull excess wav into the tip.
  • Remove the device from the ear. Wash the tip with warm soap & water.
  • Store ina clean, dry place.
  • We will be check and ensure all items are in good condition.
  • Customers need to submit the request within 7 days from the date of receiving, (based on tracking system) .
  • The item must be in an ‘as new’ condition and returned in the ORIGINAL, undamaged packaging with the accessories.Any of these missing, the return request will not be entertained.
  • Safe and Gentle for Infants, Children & Adults
  • Slow Spinning Silicone Tip Safely Removes Ear Wax
  • Replaceable Tips Included
  • Disk Ear Guard Technology: Safe Against Ear Canal Damage
  • Includes 3 Sizes of Interchangeable Silicone Tips to Ensure Proper Insertion Depth for All Ages
  • Blue Safety Tip: Ages 0 – 6 months
  • Green Safety Tip: Ages 6 months – 6 years
  • Orange Safety Tip: Ages 6 years and Up
  • Profits Made by Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Benefit Their Charity Mission
  • Wash Tips Easily With Soap & Water
  • Designed With Extra Powerful Light
  • Battery Operated


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