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Stainless Steel Wire Ball With Long Handle Dish Washing Brush

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Comfortable Handle: The handle has a sleek shape made of durable ABS material, providing a comfortable grip feel and does not hurt your hand comparing to contact with the stain steel ball directly.Detachable design: The handle and the ball can be parted easily. Thus you can clean or replace the ball after it gets dirty. Scopes of Applications: The ball brush can be used to clean the pot, stove, desktop, and more, being a helpful tool in your daily life.
  • 🎈Easily scrub back and hard to reach areas of the body.
  • 🎈Creates a rich lather to clean hard-to-reach places.
  • 🎈An effective soap delivery and cleaning scrubber
  • 🎈that makes a lot of suds and is easy to rinse out.


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