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Smooth Away Hair Remover Vibes

1,300.00 650.00

  • 8 Self-Adhesive Replacement Pads: 4 Large and 4 Small
  • Removes unwanted hair instantly
  • Gentle circular motion that also exfoliates at the same time
  • Leaves your skin soft and fresh.
  • Absolutely pain-free shaving method.
  • Gently Exfoliate While Removing Hair.
  • Smoothing Vibration Pod – Gently stimulates the hair.
  • Follicle for a flawless hair-free finish.
  • No Pain, No Chemicals, No Razor Burn.

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    10 Self-Adhesive Replacement Pads: 5 Large and 5 SmallRemoves unwanted hair instantly through gentle circular motion that also exfoliates at the same time, leaving your skin soft and fresh.Absolutely pain-free shaving method. No cuts. No irritation. No razor burnFree Organizer Bag

    • These are NOT 3M gray refill pads, but they are as effective as the gray ones. Please also note: the small applicator is not oval shape. It is irregular shape like the one in the picture. If you have an oval applicator, you may write to us and request a small applicator of the irregular shape free of charge. Please email us with your order id while your order status has not changed to “shipped”! Thank you
    • Free Organza Bag when you buy 5 or more.


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