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5 In 1 Shape Zone Sauna Belt

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It is a snipe humidity retention shape with two pieces of sauna belts! It is the sauna belt which is available for size adjustment at will as the whole is raised material. Just bind an arm and a thigh, a calf with two pieces of sauna belts; and a humidity retention shape. I can use it for a waist and a pelvic rotation if I connect it and have five ways of how to use. Because temperature does not miss it, special sauna shape structure creates sauna states without fresh air. I can realize a sauna effect by a snipe with a point to be worried about. It can inflect to the trouble of various figures widely. Enhance the beauty of your body while targeting the tough areas with this Sauna Belt Plus. It is designed to give you ease and comfort to lose unnecessary fat.
  • Enhance the Beauty of Body
  • Good Quality Material
  • Helps Loosing Fat
  • Easy To Use


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