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Shake N Take Rechargeable Blender

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Key Features
  • Revamped look to the awesome Shake ‘n Take bottle blender!
  • Make a smoothie or milkshake and carry it to-go, all in one convenient cup!
  • Comes with a blender base and a connecting sports bottle!
  • Fits in most cup holders for a healthy drink on the go!
  • Ideal for the early morning rush or the crazy evening!
  • Shake n take sports bottle blender, instantly blend smoothies and protein shakes on the go! Blend and drink from the same bottle. Crushes ice instantly. Just blend and go! convenient flip top straw, super powerful blender crushes ice instantly, fits in car cup holders and easy to clean. A quick breakfast solution for families on the go! add fruit to create a healthy fun snack! blend a different drink for each of your friends! the perfect size for a light meal or treat at work. Add a scoop of your favorite protein and head for the gym. At home or on the road, just blend and go.
    • Instant blending
    • Blend and drink from the same bottle
    • Saves time
    • Durable


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