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Salad Cutter Bowl

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Premium quality
Easy to use
Use the top to wash fruits or vegetables, then attach the bottom, flip over


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Fast: finish with only 60 seconds!
No Waste: just one bowl
Nutrition Balanced: match with avariety of ingredients
Clean: cut without the chopping block, direct making, more clean
Safe: don’t worried about cutting your fingers any more

  • HEALTHY: Made of food grade ABS material, you don? need to worry that it will endanger your health
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN: chop through the slits in one direction without mess cross cut, just give your bowl a quick rinse or pop it in the dishwasher; No more mess, no more stress
  • HIGH QUALITY: Each product is made using high quality ABS polypropylene, it withstands impacts to provide years of fresh, healthy salads
  • ADVANTAGES: making fresh and healthy salad; Rinse, chop and serve any salad in 60 seconds, and don’t need to worry about cutting your fingers any more


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