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Q7 Wireless Microphone

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    Connected mobile phone, computer, MP3, MP4, etc, to sing everywhere.
    Microphone sound features such as switch adjustment, high quality reverb sounds and channels;
    You can have it, enjoy singing at any time.
    Appearance is the shape of the microphone. Small portable come in handy.
    Main features:
    1. karaoke effect
    You can clearly identify stereo headphones, great karaoke live sound, the song’s rhythm and pitch two.
    2. channel switch
    Karaoke: lead vocals and accompaniment pattern, stereo audio left and right channel switch that you can.
    3. sound adjustment
    Adjust the microphone volume can be adjusted to your satisfaction.
    Product specifications:
    Size: 240 mm * 70 mm * 70 mm
    Pick: capacitor
    Power efficiency: 3W * 2
    Power supply: built-in lithium battery (rechargeable)
    Unagi capacity: 2600 mah
    Input voltage:DC5V


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