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Portable Juicer/Mixer/Shaker Leak Proof and BPA-Free Bottle 600ml

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  • Battery-operated mixer – created for individuals on the go, The Fitmix Pro works through 2 AAA batteries, so you can power It without the use of messy cords. Simply replace batteries when power runs out and blend your Beverage anytime, anywhere!
  • Leakproof construction – featuring an acrylic- and BPA-free construction that can house up to 600 ml of liquid, This device boasts a lightweight yet leakproof container that eliminates spillage and leaks for a hassle-free preparation.
  • High-powered blender – equipped with an 8, 000 rpm motor and Turbo blades that blend liquid and protein powder smoothly, This personal Shaker is to give you a delightful serving of lump-free protein drink!
  • Portable kitchen gadget – with a unique design that combines superior functionality and utmost convenience, This innovative tool allows you to prep your favorite workout drink without the use of traditional bulky blenders or manual shakers.
  • Easy-to-clean Shaker – perfect for fitness buffs and gym goers, this mixer with a protein powder storage cup and flip-top lid is easy to clean! To clean, Simply add water and detergent. Run the spin function for a few seconds then rinse the cup.


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