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Pack Of 2 Hair Cutting Level Clip With Rotating

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  • Professional home cutting tool that helps you save hundreds of Rupees
  • Innovative product that allows you to cut your hair in the comfort of your home
  • Suitable for everyone; young, old, teenager, youths, adults, thin, thick, short or even long hair
  • Easy to use; simply clip on, set level for balance, slide & cut with confidence
  • Trim your bangs, create layers and remove dead ends
  • Rotating level switches helps you to make precise, accurate and balanced cuts
  • Great for trimming fringes, cutting children’s hair and create layers
  • Save time and money from haircuts
  • 100% brand new and high quality 2 PCS Hair Cutting Clip With Rotating Level
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100% brand new and high quality

  • Just place the water level clip on the desired hair length, make sure that the air bubble is in the middle and cut your hair being assured that it will be straight!
  • Trim both neat bangs and inclined bangs. Use the straight edge haircut clip to get your bangs cut to the perfect length.
  • The small straight size clipper is for haircutting the front bangs and trimming the redundant hairs, and the large curved size clipper is for haircutting the back hairs and creating some layers.
  • For different hairstyles, you can use rotating level for balanced and create precise cuts everytime.
  • Great for cutting children’s hair, trimming bangs, creating layers, or just maintaining a hairstyle between cuts and doing hairstyle.


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