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Non-Woven Fabric Wardrobe Closet Storage Bag

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Eco-friendly high-quality materials – bamboo charcoal non-woven fabrics. Breathable, can keep the clothes in good condition.
In addition, it is very soft and can be easily folded into small sizes when not in use, providing space for other things.
Double handle and zipper design – Double high tensile strength handles allow you to lift and move your handbag in a more convenient way.
Double zips make the opening bigger so you can more easily insert or remove large items such as quilts and blankets.
Durable, reusable and extra large capacity – this extra space storage is durable and can be reused with premium fabric materials.
Transparent window design – clear window design gives you a transparent view, letting you know where the clothes are, so you can easily find what you need.

Type: A Simple Style /B European Style /C Bear /D Linen Color

Material: non-woven fabric

Size: 51*46*29cm/20.08*18.12*11.42″


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