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Motorcycle Alarm & High Power Metal Sound Box With Bluetooth

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Silver case / Black aluminum alloy waterproof case, built-in 3-inch high-pitched horn, bass, voice, with 80-watt super power amplifier
Connect music, Bluetooth mobile phone charging, USB jack, AUX audio input.
Note: Before purchasing, please check the position of the rudder installation for the thickness of the car bumper/diameter ReferenceInformation:1 inch diameter 23 mm-27 mm right handlebar/bumper 1.25 inches diameter 30 mm ~ 33 mm right handlebar/bumper body made of zinc and aluminum metal super waterproof V3.0 Bluetooth Powerful built-in power amplifier class D 3-inch Hi-Fi horn support USB / AUX socket

  • Connect Music
  • Bluetooth Mobile
  • Phone Charging
  • USB Jack
  • AUX Audio Input
  • High Quality


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