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Atomic Beam LED GloveLite

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  • LED Glove Lite

  • Waterproof and machine washable Led Light Flashlight you cant drop Light where you need it: for pilots, mechanics, crew members, etc!Comfortable fit with 0.5mm black neoprene
    You’ll have a great experience with GloveLite. Never fumble with flashlights in the cockpit again. Order now to get GloveLite in your LED white and you will marvel at the safety and convenience this product will provide. Perfect night-flight kneepad illumination Waterproof and machine washable. Light is your Move your finger! With Velcro adjustable for each wrist 0.5 mm is made of black neoprene material has a 5000 hour LED life Both lanterns using both eliminates the hassle of dealing with the repair work thumb and index finger of both has two LED On / Off switch. GloveLite is a big help in minor repairs in dark areas Washable Camping, fishing, hunting, and is ideal for extreme sports.
  • Material: Durable Neoprene (Breathable, anti-distortion material which is tough enough to handle any kind of Work!
  • Use: Outdoor,Survival, Hiking, Cycling, Fishing, Camping, General DIY!
  • Lighting levels: 5000 mcd (As Bright as a Glare electic torch!)
  • Power source: 2 x Button Cells (included)
  • Size: 11.8″ x 7.9″


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