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Instyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Curler & Straightener

3,600.00 1,800.00

  • 1 Hair Styler by In Styler
  • Straightens and Curls
  • Creates Incredible Volume and Shine
  • Perfect for all hair length
  • Creates Tighter Curls and Bangs
  • Curved Ceramic Floating Plate – Smoothes Hair without Crushing or Flattening and Minimizes
  • Heat to Reduce Frizz & Damage
  • Temperature range: 285 – 385 degree Fahrenheit
  • On/Off switch
  • The box also includes:
  • A comb & Pouch
  • A CD – users guide

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Original Hair Styler  – The amazing rotating Hair Styler  offers new hair-styling technology that simply makes your old flat iron obsolete. The secret to the Hair Styler  lies in its rotating polishing cylinder and four rows of precision-aligned bristles.

Original Hair Styler-The Hair Styler   is a new hair styling tool that straightens, polishes and styles hair by means of a rotating heated cylinder and brush bristles. This totally new design polishes the hair strands individually, and allows the user to get amazing results that are much better than those they would have gotten using a flat iron, curling iron, or hot tool. The new design delivers great results without an extreme amount of heat or heavy styling products.

With the Hair Styler, you don’t need a lot of heat to straighten and style your hair! The Hair Styler’s unique design actually allows you to use less heat than you are used to, and still get better results than you would with a flat iron or other hot tool. It’s a totally new way of thinking about heat and your hair – you don’t need the extreme heat to get the results you want. If you decide that you would like more heat, the Hair Styler  has three different temperature settings-always start with the lowest temperature setting.

Curls, styles and straightens your hair.
No more tangles! Simply close the In-Styler over each section of hair and go! Curl or straighten, then gently pull the motorized rotating barrel away to release your perfectly coifed hairdo.

Quick and easy to use. Works with every type of hair.
“Flat iron” burning, crushed hair and creases are now a thing of the past. The In-Styler adds volume to fine/thin hair, and straightens course, unruly curls with ease, while leaving your hair feeling incredibly smooth and silky.

Removes frizz, enhances shine.
The unique polishing cylinder enhances shine and minimizes frizz, for beautiful results every time. Computerized heat with three temperature settings and precision aligned bristles give you total control over the styling process.

The Hair Styler makes it easy to style your own hair because this new technology gives you smooth, bouncy, and voluminous hair.  You can flip it in or out and it works on all types of hair.  You will notice it doesn’t take as long to style because you don’t have to keep going over the same areas.  It also does not leave any odour because it is so gentle and takes less heat. Discover the smart, easy way to get the hairstyle you want, fast.


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