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Furniture Fix For Fixing Furniture

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Furniture Fix the quick fix for old sagging furniture. Save money and your furniture. Weak sagging springs lead to uncomfortable sagging furniture, Furniture Fix as seen on TV provides instant support to sagging springs. So why throw out your favorite chair or sofa when you can renew it and experience great support with Furniture Fix.

Easy to use, no tools required, just place Furniture Fix under sagging cushions for instant firmness. The six panels interlock instantly and are customizable to lift and fix sagging upholstery of any size. It the specially designed to stand up to heavy use. Experience renewed comfort with Furniture Fix!

Each panel measures approx. 19” Lx4.5” Wx1/2” H. It is recommended that you use 1 set for an upholstered chair,2 sets for a love seat, and 3 sets for a sofa.

Key Features

you receive the 3M spraying regulation-compliant special cup inserts.
this feature contributes to easy clean up after spraying.


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