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Face Epi Roller

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Smooth Bend Face Hair Removal, removes hair root for long lasting hair-free complexion.Can uproot small fine hair, lip hair and other hair fast and thorough,easy and without pain,make your face clean and white,smooth and delicate,so that the makeup easier, more efficient.Safe, easy to do in the privacy of your own home.Pen size and light weight, can take it wherever you go.

This Beauty Epilator is better than Normal Hair Removal Tool.The nomal one will only scrape the surface parts of hair and it will soon grow and become hard and thick after a few days.This Beauty Epilator can uproot the hair and make your face smooth,shiny and delicate,and maintain for a long time.This is the comparison chart


  • Weight: 0.15kg
  • Size: 10cm(length)

How to use:

  • 1.Clean and dry your face.
  • it against the hairs you want to remove.
  • 3.Hold the handles, twist the stick in opposite directions.
  • 4.The hairs are trapped between the tightly coil spring which grips and removes them in one swift movement.
  • 5.Clean your face, then make up with cosmetics which you often use.
    (Note:The stick shouldn’t be used on eyebrows)


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