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Ear Cleaner Deocross I-Ears

1,000.00 550.00

  • Safe to use
  • Will not harm your eardrum
  • Effective earwax cleaning
  • Suction technology
  • Whole ton to remove the earwax in the “suction” double movement as the “vibration”
  • Dropped the Earwax in vibrations, powerful suction!
  • It is good feeling a slight vibration as if being massaged like!
  • Fluent earpick, elderly people are also recommended.
  • High Quality Product

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    Ear Cleaner DeoCross I-Ears

    Cleaning your ears with the cotton bud or with any other object could be harmful for your ear drum. Now clean your ear safely and effectively with deo cross i-ears. It is compact lightweight automatic earpick easy self-cleaning, soothing vibrations and comfortable to better your comfort.


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