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E Charging Cash & Cards Wallet Power Bank

2,000.00 1,000.00

  • Works with all phones including Samsung and iPhone
  • Holds up to 2x normal smart phone’s battery
  • Accordion design organizes cards and cash
  • Stylish aluminum case
  • Weighs less than a normal leather wallet
  • Can withstand extreme heat and frigid cold
  • RFID Protection
  • Great for all forms of travel
  • May resist any weather such as extreme heat or frigid cold
  • Has RFID protection
  • Compact and pocket sized device for anyone who’s constantly on the go
  • Comes with standard USB port
  • Accordion design where it can hold all cards and cash one desires
  • Fashionable aluminum case

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    E-Charge Wallet is a high capacity power pack wallet that allows one to charge his or her phone wherever one needs to. It comes with a portable USB where one may connect his or her cell phone to get their phone fully charged. This E-Charge Wallet also comes with RFID protection where one could keep their credit card information safe from hackers and thieves.

    How The E-Charge Wallet Work

    This device is a portable wallet that has an innovative charging mechanism where one can connect any type of cell phones with a USB port to receive a full charge on his or her cell phone anywhere anytime. It delivers up to 2 times more power to keep one’s cell phone fully charged. In addition, it not only charges any and all types of cell phones, but it allows one to keep the cash and credit cards one need on a daily basis.

    One does not need to worry about his or her cell phone going out of power while jogging in the woods or camping far away from the city. This portable device gives consumers the peace of mind knowing it will keep one’s cell phone charged at all times.

    E-Charge Wallet Benefits

    After having analyzed the functionality of the E-Charge Wallet, it is clear that this product goes beyond charging a phone. The following is a list of features that distinguishes the E-Charge Wallet from its competitors:


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