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Dishwasher Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

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Soap Control Dishwand Brush, Control Soap With Button, Easy On Hands, Antimicrobial, Long Lasting and Reusable Kitchen Brush for Dish Pot Pan Sink Cleaning CONVENIENT TO USE Turn the upper part anti-clockwise to open it, and inject soap to fill the body and lock it clockwise. It will squirt soap with a light push of the button on top. The brush head can be easily removed and replaced. DURABLE & LONG-LASTING Sturdy body construction, non-scratch, and odorless nylon bristles easily scrub off grease and grime, and they are safe to use on non-stick cookware. COMFORTABLE GRIP The contoured shape fits right in your palm, also covered with TPR material which is non slip even when wet and soapy, so you don’t need to apply much pressure. The body can be easily filled with your favorite dish soap. VERSATILE KITCHEN TOOL Use it every day to clean your pan, pot, dish, sink, stoves, kitchen utensils, cast iron, countertop, etc. It protects your hand from touching the detergent directly. Automatically add liquid to wash pots and bowls Product category: pot and dish bowl brush Color: random color Material: plastic Size: 7cm in height, 6.5cm in diameter Quantity: 1 The package includes: 1*Pressure liquid pot dishwashing brush


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