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Deal Of 4 Pcs Egg Ring, Non-Stick Fried Egg Molds With Handle

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  • ❤ MUITI FUNCTION, MUITI CHOICE – you can get four egg models. Heart-shaped, round, flower-shaped, and five-pointed star-shaped. It can be used not only for fried eggs but also for muffins, pies, and pancakes. You can also use it to customize hamburgers, jellies, fruits, potatoes, bacon, etc. to meet your needs on different occasions.
  • ☆ STAINLESS STEEL AND NON-STICK – It uses high-quality stainless steel as raw material. It is tasteless, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, not rusty, not easy to deform. Health and environmental protection, safety, and health. There is also a silicone rotary handle on each omelet mold.
  • ✿ CONVENIENT, SAFE, TIME-SAVING – Easy to use and save your time, closed ring structure prevents food mixing, easy to clean, hand washable, dishwasher safe, the retractable handle is useful for storage.
  • ○ LIKE PROFESSIONAL CHEF – You can make restaurant-level food and make an original, delicate and nutritious meal for your children, and keep fun in the busy life.
  • ❀ DIY CREATIVITY – This is not only a tool for frying eggs, but you can add whatever you want, such as ham, veggies, cheese, or bacon. It can even be used to press bread into a circle or a Pentagon to enjoy your creative food.


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