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Cidbest Argan Beauty Secret Anti Hair Lose Serum For Men & Women

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    Is Your Hair Falling Out?
    Is Your Hair thin ?
    Are you Panic Or Despair for your hair problem ?
    This thin hair treatment is ideal for thinning hair, baldness, alopecia, and dandruff, and it can be used by both men and women, whether they have long, short, straight, curly, or dyed hair.
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    Product effectiveness:
    – promote hair growth.
    – Thinning and making weaker hair thicker
    – Prevent hair loss
    – Maintain hair
    – Repair hair hair follicles, promote hair cell metabolism and stabilize the hair root.
    – Balance Oil secretion, reduce and prevent excessive head oil and scalp itching.

    Use way :
    1. Soak hair thoroughly with warm water.
    2.Mix 2-3 drops of serum with shampoo, apply to the scalp and rub to get rich lather.
    3. Massage the hair root and scalp for 2-3 minutes with your finger.
    4. Wash the hair thoroughly with warm water so that the essence can be completely absorbed and dirt is easier to clean.

    Attention :
    1. Stored under normal temperature.
    2. Keep away from children.
    3. Avoid contact with the wound.
    4. Please do skin test before use this , side effects, stop using.
    5. This product is not suitable for pregnant women.

    Package: 1 x 30ml bottle of hair serum


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