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Baby Pacifier Infants Chew Tool

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Material: filter mesh (silicone), treatment(PP)
Color: blue, green, yellow, pink
Product size: S, M, L
Applicable age: S(over 3 months), M(over 6 months), L(over 15 months)

Use Instructions:
1. Cut fruits and vegetables and meat into strips or sheets;
2. Open the silica gel filter mesh;
3. Put the cut food into the filter mesh;
4. The fastening handle allows the baby to enjoy the delicious food;
5. Pour the food slag out after use.

1. Before use, clean the product. Use steam or boiling for 3 – 5 minutes to disinfect.
2. The amount of water in boiling disinfection shall be sufficient to avoid deformation caused by the contact of parts to the bottom of the pot edge of high temperature.
3. When foods such as vegetables, meat, and fruits are loaded, hard objects such as fruit cores, bones, and the like must be taken off.
5. The color and shape of this product are based on the object


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