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Abs Advanced Full Body Workout System Home Gym

2,800.00 1,400.00

  • Helps remove the fat, define muscle and tone your body.
  • Tone abs, thighs, calves, arms and buttocks
  • Resistance up to .500 kg
  • Add or remove the ABS resistance blade to choose the intensity

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    ABS is fun, fast and it works! You can remove the fat, define muscle and tone your body. This revolutionary design, tone abs, thighs, calves, arms and buttocks. With only one object you can improve your whole body. This is a solution for the total body workout. With customizable resistance up to 45 kg, you can easily adjust the intensity of your having such a customized solution specific to different parts of the body, achieving the desired results. Just add or remove the ABS resistance blade to choose the intensity of your favorite. The advanced system for gymnastics ‘ABS’ is the fastest way to get amazing results!


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