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Pack Of 2 HD Night & Day Vision Sight Glasses For Driving & Riding

1,100.00 550.00

1: Single Deal In: 550/-PKR

2: Double Deal In: 850/-PKR

3: Triple Deal In: 1150/-PKR


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HD night & day vision lenses to improve color and clarity and definition video, so you can better see while drivingCelebrants HD night & day Vision Glasses special anti-glare reduces eye strain and glare of headlights, street lighting and traffic signals in wet or dark conditions HD night & day vision wraparound lenses style fits easily on your eyeglasses, or can be worn alone.

  • Advanced HD lens technology
  • 100% UV protection
  • Reduces glare
  • Fits over your own prescription lenses
  • Protect your eyes from all angles
  • Car Visor Clip included
  • Easy to wear


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