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2 In 1 Solar Buzz Killer

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  • Portable; Compact, wireless design for ultimate portability
  • Solar powered; Complete with built-in solar panel, when fully charged the solar panel can be covered to activate the UV light and live wire
  • Versatile; Effective against flies, moths, mosquitoes and other flying pests
  • Hygienic; Simply twists open, allowing contents to be emptied hygienically

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2 in 1 Solar Buzz Killer

Help protect against pesky bugs and insects with this handy Solar Buzzkill. A safe, hygienic and chemical free way to get rid of flies, mosquitoes and other unwanted flying insects.
The Buzzkill uses advanced solar PV technology to charge during the day and power the blue ultraviolet light. This UV light attracts flying pests and the in-built live wire then eliminates them quickly and effectively. Thanks to the solar panel, there is no need for any tricky wiring or battery costs. The solar panel simply harnesses the sun’s rays and stores the energy in the rechargeable batteries (included) for when in use. The Buzzkill will work when the solar panel is not picking up any light, such as night time or when the panel is covered. To use during the day, take down from where it is being charged, such as a window and place on an opaque surface such as a table or wall.
The compact design features four suction mounting pads, perfect for use whilst the device is charging, and it can be easily transported and fitted to wherever it is needed. The Solar Buzzkill can be used both indoors and outdoors. This makes it ideal for camping and caravan trips, alfresco dining in the evening and you can even take it with you on holiday. After the Buzzkill has been successful, the innovative design simply twists open for easy and hygienic disposal. SpecificationDimensions: L10 x H10 x D5cm4 x suction padsEasy on/off switch UV light


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