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12 Volt Electric Car Tyre Air Compressor Inflator

1,400.00 700.00

  • M300S Model.
  • Fast Filling Speed.
  • Electric Air Compressor.
  • 300psi Pressure Gauge.
  • DC 12V.
  • Analog Built-in Max 300psi Pressure Gauge.
  • Dash Board Lighter Plug.
  • Best For Car, Bike, Cycle & Toys.
  • Complete With Adapters For All Your inflating Needs.
  • Extra Nozzles For Bike, Cycle, Football, Volleyball Etc…
  • Brand New Air Compressor Box Packed. Fill Your Car Tire Within Minutes With This Air Compressor. Best For Emergency Purposes & Travel.It Comes With Three Nozzles To Inflate Footballs, Air Beds, Balloons, inflatable Toys, Motorbikes & Cycle.
  • Best Product Everyone Should Have One For Emergency.

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Brand New Air compressor for sale. Fill your car tire within minutes with this air compressor. Best for Emergency Purposes and Travel. It comes with three nozzles to inflate Footballs, Air Beds, Balloons, inflatable toys, Motorbikes & CycleThis compact air compressor has a little electric engine that packs the air in a little joined chamber tank.It can be connected to a 12V auto framework for on-the-go repairs or expansion.It’s best for auto and bike tires, sports balls, airbeds and inflatable toys and so on.Since it can be fueled through a cigarette lighter in your vehicle, it is staggeringly flexible and a lifeline in a few examples.The time when you realize you have got a punctured tire that may result in the air leakage, is one of the bad moments ever. SF 12V portable car air compressor is a convenient inflation device to keep in your car for flat tires whenever needed. You can use it yourself as it is quite user-friendly device and easy to handle too. It comes with a powerful 12-volt motor that provides you with ultimate inflation power. It can easily be powered by plugging into the cars.


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